Alphasol 105


  • Part Number: 101-005: pail
    101-055: drum
    101-275: tote

  • Size: pail, drum, tote



ALPHASOL 105 An Economically priced soluble oil. Offers good lubricity and can be used on all materials.
Recommended Concentricity: 7-10%
Recommended Concentricity: 7-10%
Brix Multiplier Value for this Fluid: 1.0
To calculate your concentration multiply the Brix Value from your refractometer by the above Brix multiplier.
For more information please see our REFRACTOMETER INSTRUCTIONS page.


This product is ideally suited for the following DIN ISO 513 material groups.
ISO 513 Steel
Steel Alloys Recommended
ISO 513 Stainless Steel
Stainless Alloys Recommended
ISO 513 Cast Iron
Cast Iron Recommended
ISO 512 Non Ferrous Alloys
Non Ferrous Alloys Recommended
ISO 513 High Temp Alloys  Will not work
Not Recommended
ISO513 Hard Material Will Not work
Not Recommended
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